Terms & Conditions

As a leading producer and supplier of Natural Herbal Products in Iran, Ruby's Herbal Supplies functions under  International commercial company and is registered In Mashhad, Iran.
This group commenced its activities in 2013, providing global trading services to domestic and foreign businesses all over the world.
Ruby's Herbal Supplies provides a wide range of herbs and spices  from the best and purest Farms around Iran for export.

Our main products: Natural Ingredients, Saffron, raw Herbs, Gum and Resin, Vegetables, Fruits, Herbal Tea, Truffles, Herbal Distilled Water,  Food, Beverages,  Medicinal Herbs, Rock Salts.

The herbs which are exported under Ruby's Herbal Supplies are all planted, cultivated and prepared in Iran which is one of the leading producers of herbs all around the world.
Also, all the herbs of Ruby's Herbal Supplies are under the close supervision.
Ruby's Herbal Supplies is willing to notify that it is ready to cooperate with all the serious customers and follow their orders within due time.
The firm has been an active supplier in B2B Marketplaces, benefiting from worldwide promotional opportunities, which maximizes the company’s exposure and Return-on-Investment (ROI).
We have built up strong business relationships with leading global manufacturers and Suppliers in order to make your trust for long-term business relationships.
Ruby's Herbal Supplies has also been successful in functioning as the representatives of International Companies wishing to take advantage of the growing business opportunities in Iran by offering them tips and solutions they have to know.